Global Recycle Standard

MAX-N uses fabrics certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS). 

The GRS is an internationally recognised and widely adopted standard that sets requirements for the content, production, and labelling of products made with recycled materials. It provides a framework for verifying the authenticity of recycled content and ensuring the integrity of the recycling process.

At its core, the GRS promotes the principles of circular economy by encouraging the use of recycled materials and reducing waste. It sets strict criteria for input materials, ensuring that products labelled with the GRS contain a significant proportion of recycled content. This helps to drive the demand for recycled materials and supports the growth of recycling industries worldwide.

One of the key strengths of the GRS is its comprehensive approach. It considers not only the environmental aspects but also social and chemical requirements. The standard prohibits the use of hazardous chemicals and requires compliance with social criteria such as fair labour practices and worker safety. This holistic approach ensures that products certified under the GRS meet high standards of sustainability and responsible production.

The GRS supports transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. It requires companies to maintain records and documentation to demonstrate the origin of recycled materials and their processing stages. This enables consumers and businesses to make informed choices and fosters accountability in the recycling industry.

The GRS also encourages continuous improvement and innovation. By setting clear benchmarks and performance indicators, it motivates companies to adopt more efficient recycling processes, develop new technologies, and explore alternative materials. This drives progress towards a more sustainable future and stimulates the development of a circular economy on a global scale.